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How Can I Write For Fit Over Thirty Magazine?
How Can I Write For Fit Over Thirty Magazine?
Everything you need to know about writing for the Fit Over Thirty Magazine
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Thank you for wanting to be a part of our ever-expanding community! 

We are excited that you want to share your expertise with us and our audience. Because we have so many voices wanting to be heard, we have developed some submission and style guidelines that must be adhered to if you want to be considered for publication. 

Who Is Our audience? 

Everyone is an athlete; some just don’t know it yet. We want to help these Everyday Athletes harness their full potential. What does it mean to be athletic? By definition, it is to be physically active and strong—two things we should all—man, woman, 25 years old or 55 years young—strive toward. 

The word “athlete” usually conjures an image of the 1%, either the professional sportsperson or Hollywood’s perfectly chiseled celebrity. What about the other 99%? That’s where we come in. Using the same measures that elite athletes do, we will guide and coach the Everyday Athlete into a healthy, sustainable and realistic state of fitness ready for whatever the game of life throws at them. We will also regularly delve into what it takes to be mentally strong as well as nutritionally sound. We are less about counting calories and more about living to 100. 

Our readers value quality and are willing to invest heavily in their education. They want the very best in training solutions, equipment, clothing, footwear, and technology—anything that will make their lives easier. 

Health and fitness is one of the biggest investments that they make in themselves and the quality of our content needs to match.

Get Approved To Be A Strength Matters Contributor And Here's What We Will Do For You...

  • We invest in our writers. Every submission that is accepted will be edited to the highest standards and shared across all our social outlets and global network.

  • We invest in traffic, paid new traffic, which means that thousands of new people, outside of the SM community, will have the opportunity to view your piece, thus creating, even more, exposure for you, your business and writing.

  • Using the bio and social links that you send us, we will provide ways for people who like what you do to get in touch with you regarding your expertise or business opportunities.

Still Interested In Applying? Great...

Simply click the button below and download our Style Guidelines.

Once you receive the submission guidelines, send us a copy of your blog to hello@ where one of our expert team will review it for you.

We look forward to reading your work.

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